Bluewater FAQ's


Q1: Is the house close to the beach?

A1: The house is a 5 minute walk and there are paths in the community that connect to the beach.  Alternatively, you can drive and there are two parking lots close to the beach and the community pools.


Q2: Is the house close to the pools and fitness center?

A2: The house is a 1 minute walk to the fitness center (you can see it from our front door) and the pool is next door.  The beach-side pool is probably a 10 minute walk or very short drive and there is a parking lot there for community residents and guests.  Note that the fitness center has equipment that can be checked out to play basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc.


Q3: How many people can stay at the house?

A3: No more than 12 total people, unless there are infants in port-a-cribs. You will note the very nice comments from prior guests about the cleanliness and amenities. When the house is overloaded, bad things can happen and we want to avoid that situation. We will not agree to more people, so if your party is larger, please seek other accommodations – thanks.


Q4: What does the nightly rate include?

A4: The nightly rental rate, which varies during the year, reflects demand. Further, the rate includes cleaning and we will provide you all linens and towels for 12 occupants.  The house will have starter toilet paper, paper towels, and trash bags and it is a good idea to bring extra supplies for the week.


Q5: How do we handle keys?

A5: We use a combination lock on the doors and will provide the combination (which changes frequently) upon final payment before your stay.


Q6: Where can we get groceries?

A6: The closest grocery store is the Food Lion about 4 miles away and the Harris Teeter (nicer than Food Lion) is about 5 miles away.  The Winks convenience store is a short walk from the house.


Q7: Can we check in early and/or leave late?

A7: It may be possible, but we need to discuss it before you get to the house. In most situations during the Summer, there is a short window for the cleaners to get in the house and they need every minute to get the house ready. We will accommodate your request if flexibility exists. Please be courteous to the cleaners and leave at the agreed upon time (often they are waiting and watching for you to leave) which is typically 10 am.


Q8: Can we move around the furniture to suit our needs?

A8: No, no, no, please no! Moving the furniture causes damage (we’ve seen it happen) and it is difficult for our cleaners to get it back into position.


Q9: Is there a gas grill and propane tank?

A9: Yes, there is a gas grill at the house and it has a propane tank.  We make every effort to keep the tank filled but often renters leave the valve open and the propane leaks out.  If you find it empty, please trade it at Food Lion or another store for a tank that you can use during the week.


Q10: Where can we put our dog during our stay?

A10:  In addition to the inside of the house, an area under the deck (with 8-10 feet of headroom) that is fenced in and has river rocks is a good spot for a dog as it is shaded.  There is also a large dog crate in this outdoor area.